UPCOMING COURSES IN THERAPEUTIC TOUCH®  ( Scroll down for Current Schedule)
Presented by Gail Lafortune, Recognized practitioner and teacher,
Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario.

Courses are available through community colleges, health care facilities and privately through individual teachers.

The full course consists of three levels of a minimum of 8 hours each, taken over a six month period.

Following the basic course, students are encouraged to study with a variety of teachers, since each brings his/her own experience in to their teaching.

Developing Competency

Beginners are encouraged to practice on their family and friends. Competency as a practitioner is gained through practice and continued study, as well as participation in community practice groups, attending retreats and conferences. The number of years a person has been actively practicing Therapeutic Touch is the best indicator of competence.

Year-long programs for the purpose of achieving expertise are available from some advanced teachers. A variety of workshops enhance the practice of Therapeutic Touch, including imagery, intuitive training, etc.

Private workshop fees: $125.00 per day


Therapeutic Touch® Training in Ottawa


Therapeutic Touch®is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices. Therapeutic Touch promotes relaxation, enhances healing, reduces anxiety, reduces chronic arthritic pain, reduces side effects from cancer treatments and more.  Level 1,  Level  2,  AND  Level 3 training is available: 


Price: $125.00 (ea Level)

In order to reserve your spot, a  $50.00  minimum deposit is required, per workshop, upon registration to reserve your spot. Balance to be paid two weeks prior to the workshops please.

Recommended reading: Accepting Your Power to Heal, by Dolores Krieger.


Full day session dates, as follows, are from 8:30 A.M.  to  4:30 P.M. (arrive 15 min early)




Global COVID-19 outbreak (corona virus):  In view of keeping with pandemic protocols and changing events, Spring Workshops have now been postponed or re-scheduled to Fall dates:


Level 1:      Saturday - October 3rd, 2020

Level 2:      Sunday    - October 4th, 2020



Level 1:      Saturday - October 17th, 2020

Level 2:      Sunday    - October 18th, 2020


         * strongly recommend that Levels 1 & 2 done together;


       **  You must allow 6 months between Level 1 and Level 3

Level 3: no dates have been set yet

For further information to register/prepay call or email:

Gail Lafortune
Phone: 613-834-4524

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Therapeutic Touch is a registered trademark in Canada.

"Toucher Thérapeutique" enregistrés en tant que marque déposée au Canada

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