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When I decided to book an appointment for a Therapeutic Touch (TT) treatment, I hoped to rid myself of pain and to regain my lost energy. Although the treatment did not immediately eliminate the pain I had been experiencing in my throat for quite some time, I believe the treatment “put me on the path” to healing. A sense of calm overcame me, and I felt better equipped to deal with the anxiety and the stress that I experienced when the pain recurred. With time, and almost like magic, the swelling and the pain disappeared. I cannot say without a doubt that my one and only treatment was solely responsible for my improved physical well-being. However, I remain convinced that the Therapeutic Touch treatment was probably instrumental in bringing about this improved state of physical well-being.
- Denise


Hi Gail,
I had to tell you what happened after you left last night after my "Therapeutic Touch session". I felt a huge beam of white light come in through the top of my head and just fill my whole body, and it felt like I was being filled with all the prayers, good wishes and support from family, friends and even strangers who have been praying for me. It was an incredible experience and I felt filled with all that light and energy for the rest of the night. It was wild.

- G.B.

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