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Research have been done on Therapeutic Touch. In 1994, Therapeutic Touch was one of the recipients of research grants awarded to alternative therapies by the National Institute of Health (US). Research and experience have shown its effectiveness in:

●     eliciting a “relaxation response” and reducing anxiety;
●     changing a person’s perception of pain;
●     facilitating the body’s natural restorative processes.

Any condition which will be helped by these effects will benefit from Therapeutic Touch.

Therapeutic Touch is always individualized and usually does not exceed 20 minutes. Newborns, the elderly/debilitated, the very ill, pregnant women and psychiatric disorders are more sensitive to the interaction.


Several assumptions underlie Therapeutic Touch.
In the state of health “life energy” flows freely in, through and out of the organism in a balanced manner.

In disease or injury the flow of energy is obstructed, disordered or depleted.

Therapeutic Touch practitioners attempt to influence this energy imbalance, to restore the integrity of the field towards wholeness and health.

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